You can support RITA by donating. All donations are used for the renovation of the building and for running the residency.



IBAN: CH73 0900 0000 1588 4409 2




The first residencies, as well as the inaugural event, were generously supported by the Office cantonal de la culture et du sport du canton de Genève, and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.




Concerned with being environmentally friendly regarding recycling practices, it also possible to support RITA by donating objects. RITA is looking for whatever may be useful for its studios and workshops (tools, machines, computer…), as well as for any item that can improve the comfort and daily life of its future residents (bedding, towels, beer pump, freezer…): a practical way for anyone interested to help the project while supporting recycling in preference to consumption.


To donate an object, please send us an email to:


A non-exhaustive list of what we are looking for is available.