RITA is a residential project for artists, curators, and researchers from all fields. It will take shape thanks to the renovation of a 1300m2 old tannery in Turbigo, an Italian town, 15 minutes from Malpensa airport, 40 kilometers from Milan’s centre and less than one hour from Switzerland.

RITA aims to elaborate a pluridisciplinary and singular residential format specifically intended to engage in social, economic and creative diversity, and to allow for knowledge and craft to circulate and spread. The residence will welcome simultaneously 3 residents and up to 12 each year.

RITA intends to stimulate the exchange between Swiss, Italian, European and worldwide communities of knowledge. along the banks of the Tessin river and thanks to the development of accommodations, individual studios, shared workshops, a pizza oven, a library & a research space, a concert hall, a café, and thousands terraces, RITA will be a space for creativity, social life, encounters and exchanges; a true cultural centre open to the general public.

RITA is a project initiated by Roxane Bovet, Lucas Cantori, Yoan Mudry and Camilla Paolino.

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